Fortnite – Fort Gordon soldier video game victory

Fortnite – Fort Gordon soldier video game victory

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – Video games have changed a lot from the simple Nintendo games we played as kids. Esports has transformed into a huge thing. One Fort Gordon soldier event won an Esports tournament. Today we talked to him about his video game victory.

Specialist Travis Spires is no stranger when it comes to videogames specifically Fortnite. He participated in the Army E-sports Online Soldier Showdown and won first place beating out other players worldwide.

“When I found out I actually won, it was a good feeling to know that I went out and put 100% towards it and accomplished what I set out to do,” said Spires.

Participants could choose from three different videogames competing in a three-week tournament. If you made it past that you competed a fourth week in the grand finals. Specialist Spires says picking Fortnite was a no-brainer.

“My opinion with Fortnite, it takes much more skill and strategic advantage because there is the building aspect in the game so you have to be fast and thinking ahead of the next player, and I just like my brain thinking like that,” he said.

He says it’s a game he’s played for two and a half years, so when he saw an email about the tournament he signed up. However, it wasn’t always easy.

“I did good the first few weeks. I didn’t do so good when the controller broke, internet was going out,” he said.

Specialist Spires says he will definitely be competing again in the future.

“It’s a good opportunity to meet new people, so I was glad I participated in it,” he said.

Moving forward he would like to create an e-sports team of his own.

“I think it’s a good escape from life, everyday stressors, so I want to give people the opportunities that I have and some of the best players on my team,” he said.

And it doesn’t take competing in a tournament for specialist Spires to win, he wins when he’s playing just for fun too.

As the first-place winner overall in Fortnite specialist Spiers won some new gaming gear. He competed against 80 players in just the eastern region alone.

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Fortnite – Fort Gordon soldier video game victory

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